Đis syndon Þa domas Þe Æđelbirht cyning asette on Agustinus dæge

“These are the decrees which King Æthelberht set in Augustine’s time”

1.  Godes feoh & ciricean XII gylde.

“God's property and the church’s [is to be compensated] with 12[-fold] compensation”

2.  Biscopes feoh XI gylde.

“A bishop’s property with 11 compensation”

3.  Preostes feoh IX gylde.

“A priest’s property with 9 compensation.”


8.  Gif cyning his leode to him gehateþ & heom mon þær yfel gedo, II bóte, & cyninge L scillinga.

“If the king summons his people to him and a person does any harm to them there, 2[-fold] restitution and 50 shillings to the king.”

12.  Gif man frigne mannan of sleahþ, cyninge L scill to drihtinbeage.

“If a person kills a free man, 50 shillings to the king as lord-payment.”

16.  Gif man wiđ cyninges mægdenman geligeþ, L scillinga gebete.

“If a man lies with the king’s maiden, let him pay 50 shillings.”

16.1.  Gif hio grindende þeowa sio, XXV scillinge gebete.

“If she should be a ‘grinding’ slave, let him pay 25 shillings.”

16.2  Sio þridde, XII scillingas.

“[If] she should be [of the] third [rank], 12 shillings.”

23.  Gif man mannan wæpnum bebyreþ đær ceas weorđ, & man nænig yfel ne gedeþ, VI scillingum gebete.

“If a person provides someone with weapons when strife arises, but he does no harm, let him pay 6 shillings.”

24.  Gif man mannan ofslæhđ, medume leodgeld C scillinga gebete

“If a person kills someone, let him pay an ordinary person-price, 100 shillings.”

31.  Gif friman wiđ fries mannes wif geligeþ, his wergilde abicge, & ođer wif his agenum scætte begete & đæm ođrum æt þam gebrenge.

“If a freeman lies with a free man’s wife, let him buy [him/her] off [with] his/her wergild and obtain another wife [for the husband] [with] his own money and bring her to the other man at home.”

47.  Se þe cinban forslæhđ, nud XX scillingum forgelde.

“He who breaks a jawbone, let him pay 20 shillings.”

48.  Æt þam feower tođum, fyrestum, æt gehwylcum VI scillingas.

“For the foremost four teeth, for each 6 shillings.”

49.  Gif spræc awyrd weorþ, XII scillingas.

“If speech become damaged, 12 shillings.”

76.  Gif man mægþ gebigeđ ceapi, geceapod sy gif hit unfacne is.

“If a man buys a maiden with a [bride-]price, let the bargain be [valid], if there is no deception.”

77.  Gif man mægþman nede genimeþ, đam agende L scillinga, & eft æt þam agende sinne willan ætgebicge.

“If a person takes a maiden by force: to the owner [of her protection] 50 shillings, and afterwards let him buy from the owner his consent [to marry her].”

Source: Lisi Oliver, The Beginnings of English Law (2002)